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Why smart parents & leading schools are now using Phonics Hero:

  • Kids just love it – they don’t even know they’re learning
  • Australian schools are achieving improvements 8x the national average
  • Uses the breakthrough teaching method; Synthetic Phonics – recommended by Australian, US and UK governments
  • The world’s largest Phonics games resource (more than 30 million games played!)

Over 250,000 children, in 2,500 schools are
learning to read and spell with Get Reading Right.

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What Will Phonics Hero Do for Your Child?

Beginning Reader:

  • Get your little reader ahead of the learning curve and keep them there
  • Studies show, by starting out with Synthetic Phonics your child could still be ahead of the grade up to 7 years later
  • Let them have FUN while they learn, Phonics Hero uses structured gameplay for the fastest, most effective way to turn your child into a reading hero

Already Learning/Needs Some Help:

  • Children struggling with reading and spelling can catch up more quickly with Phonics Hero than any other program of its kind
  • Helps confident readers go from strength to strength
  • Schools using Phonics Hero report improvements 8x the national average

Let us explain!

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What’s the Secret Behind Phonics Hero’s Amazing Results?

Research shows that the most successful readers and spellers start with a Synthetic Phonics approach. Phonics Hero has this at its core.

Synthetic Phonics is an strange, technical name that has nothing to do with being artificial! It is the synthesising or blending of sounds to make a word and enable children to read. This method is so effective, that schools using it are seeing up to a 97% improvement in children’s results!

Our education experts have created over 850 fun, varied and motivating games to take your child step by step through this Synthetic Phonics process.

Play sample games to see how Phonics Hero
helps reading and spelling in just 6 easy steps:

step1Step 1 – Knowing the sounds

Your child learns a group of sounds and matches the sound with a letter.

step1Step 2 – Reading words with these sounds

Your child learns to blend (or glue) these sounds together to read unknown words.

step3Step 3 – Spelling words with these sounds

Next your child is taught to listen for the sounds in a word and to identify the letter associated with it – spelling!

step4Step 4 – Reading camera words

Irregular, high frequency words, or camera words, such as ‘the’ and ‘was’ are tricky to read but are essential because they occur so often in children’s books and writing.

step5Step 5 – Spell camera words

Next, your child learns to spell these irregular, high frequency words so they can move onto writing sentences.

step5Step 6 – Sentence reading

We put all these skills together to read sentences and stories; growing your child’s confidence for a love of reading!

Hear What other Parents are Saying About Phonics Hero:

Sarah Clohessy, Perth, Australia – 12 May 2014

Incredible stepwise program. Phonemic awareness to Phonics, to reading and spelling. Perfect for all ages, fun, engaging and different for each level!

James McDonald, Sydney, Australia – 18 December 2013

This is a real gem for kids learning to read, they thought they are just playing games but actually learnt a lot of Phonics skill to read and spell. Highly recommended!

Eleanor Jenningkins, Qld, Australia – 29 May 2013

My 7 year old son spelt the words “smash”, “brush” and “shampoo” on his own today. Three months ago, he couldn’t spell “hut” or “cat” he is sounding things out beautifully. I am eternally grateful to Phonics Hero.

Pam Luders, Queensland, Australia – 3 August 2012

My youngest daughter had been diagnosed with learning difficulty. I went on a mission to find a good phonics program that would help her catch up on what she had missed. She loves the program and uses it at home regularly, finally hearing the sounds correctly. Her teacher at school is also very impressed. Thank you for a terrific program.

Yusreen Lotun, SA, Australia – 23 October 2013

As a homeschooling parent, I now feel confident to develop my children’s literacy using Phonics Hero. We feel focused, on-track and secure with this program.

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