Phonics Hero at Early Learning Centres & Preschools

Phonics Hero aligns perfectly with Learning Outcomes 4 & 5 of The Early Years Learning Framework and helps to prepare children for their transition into Primary School.

Why the best Centres and Preschools choose Phonics Hero:

  1. Supports Foundational Learning and aids in early intervention and detection of children who may struggle with literacy later on
  2. Helps others ‘get an early jump’ from Preschool to Primary School
  3. Enables a collaborative approach to literacy learning between Centres and families, with reporting visible for both educators and parents
  4. Assists with programming
  5. Assists with transition to school as a part of a School Readiness Program
  6. Unlimited sessions
  7. Letters (graphemes) and sounds (phonemes) are introduced to children in a fun, play based environment, so children learn through play

What Phonics Hero Practises:

  1. Knowledge of all 44 phonemes
  2. Blending of simple words
  3. Spelling of these words
  4. Camera/tricky words
  5. Basic reading of sentences

Our games can be used by Educators for group based learning activities on the Interactive Whiteboard or individually on iPads, Android tablets or desktops.

With Phonics Hero, our Educators have been able to help a child who has had some learning difficulties and seen great improvement in their letter recognition. So much so, he is now blending sounds and starting to read. It really is learning through play.

Mariella, Centre Director, Australia

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