Phonics Hero Demonstration


Is your school looking to start explicitly and systematically teaching phonics? Would you like software to support teachers in their teaching of phonics? Well, look no further!

In 30 minutes, our Account Managers, Michelle and Katherine, will take you through:

  • The place of phonics in the wider literacy curriculum
  • How systematic Synthetic Phonics is taught in Phonics Hero
  • The wealth of resources a teacher will receive
  • The Phonics Hero child experience
  • How to get the most out of the program

“I’m so excited – in a matter of one month of Phonics Hero, my students’ reading levels have increased 1 reading level. The students are loving it and are making so many reading and writing connections.”

Valerie Whitehead, Juan Seguin Elementary, United States

The demo will last for approximately 30 minutes. It will be online, which we’ll send you a link for, so to get the most out of your session, make sure your WiFi signal is good and the speakers and microphone on the computer you are using work.

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