Rave Reviews of Phonics Hero

UK Government:

The UK government praised Phonics Hero’s

Fun, educational, and engaging design.”

and officially endorsed Phonics Hero as an early-years app approved to help parents kickstart learning at home as part of their Hungry Little Minds Campaign.



According to Twinkl:

Phonics Hero can be a great help when it comes to improving children’s reading and spelling across several stages of their development. Whether you’re using their worksheets or online games, the tool helps track children’s progress whilst making it fun and interesting to engage with phonics.”


Planning with Kids

Planning with Kids named Phonics Hero as one of

the best educational iPad apps for primary school kids.”

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Alison Clarke is a Speech Pathologist works and advocate for synthetic phonics. Alison reviewed Phonics Hero and gave it her “Truly Amazing Gold Medal”.

I was working with a 5-year-old with an Autism Spectrum Disorder just the other day, and he got a terrible case of the whiny-I-don’t-want-to’s at every literacy activity I presented to him, except this one, which he wanted to keep doing, til I had to ask him to stop.”

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Learn to Read at Home

Merrin has been involved in education for over 30 years. She has a true passion in ensuring children learn to read and she now spends her time teaching parents how to help their children at home.

The animations are beautiful. I mention this because it’s rare to find beautiful animations these days, [and] the storylines behind the games are entertaining.”

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Kristin Anthian, an Educational and Developmental Consultant, wrote:

I am impressed by the way that sounds can be easily manipulated within words, so that students continue to develop their phonemic awareness alongside their phonic skills.”


The Hare and Tortoise

With Phonics Hero your child will not only reinforce and practise his newly acquired knowledge, he will also have hours of fun and not even notice how much he is learning too.”

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We teamed up with Tesco in the UK who loved our “wonderfully wacky interactive synthetic phonics games”.

Varied, fun and in line with what’s learned in schools, these activities are the perfect support tool and the ideal way to keep your child engaged throughout the reading and spelling process.”