Our Orders of Sounds: Playing With Sounds

Each level of Phonics Hero practises: the sounds, reading, spelling, camera/tricky word reading and spelling, and sentence reading.

The levels are split into three parts, taking children through the 44 sounds of the English language: Basic Code, Advanced Code and Complete the Code.

Part 1 – Basic Code
Level Target Sounds Camera/Tricky Words
1 s m c t g p a o I, was, are, the, to, she
2 r l d b f h i u day, a, today, of, he, for
3 v w y z j n k e all, me, they, is, no, said
4 ll ss ff zz you, this, my, play, come, have
5 sh ch th wh like, says, going, do, what, give
6 ck ng qu x away, look, once, see, very, we
  • A great foundation: the first 29 of 44 phonemes/sounds
  • 228 fun, lively, unique games
  • Read and spell over 350 words
  • Read over 150 sentences
  • 36 camera/tricky words

    Part 2 – Advanced Code
    Level Target Sounds and Spelling Choices Camera/Tricky Words
    7 Words with a more complicated pattern VCC (Vowel, Consonant, Consonant) CCVC and CVCC words one, some, want, many, love, has
    8 ee ea y e people, live, brother, sister, house, where
    9 i igh y ie i_e her, out, there, about, his, down
    10 o oa ow o_e because, two, another, more, here, our
    11 a ai ay a_e friend, their, were, your, could, four
    12 oo ew ue u_e half, first, good, girl, saw, would
  • Watch spelling rocket with Part 2, using the 5 critical vowel digraphs and all the ways that these can be spelled
  • 248 fun, lively, new unique games
  • Read and spell over 250 new words (including Vowel Consonant Consonant, CCVC, CVCC words)
  • Read over 150 new sentences
  • 36 new camera/tricky words

Part 3 – Complete the Code
Level Target Sounds and Spelling Choices
13 r rr wr
14 oi oy
15 ph f ff
16 ow ou
17 c ce s se ss
18 u oo oul
19 ar a
20 ir er ear ur or
21 or au aw al ore
22 air ear are ere
23 j dge ge g
24 ch tch tu
25 sh ci ti
26 s si
  • Part 3 covers the last remaining phonemes/sounds needed to complete the code
  • 324 fun, lively, new unique games
  • Read and spell over 456 new words
  • Read over 376 new sentences