Using Phonics Hero in Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologist using Phonics Hero.

Speech Pathologists love Phonics Hero for its systematic, thorough and explicit teaching of the phonics code. The games cover:

  • All 44 phonemes/sounds
  • Blending of these sounds to read simple CVC words
  • Segmenting to spell simple CVC words
  • Reading and spelling of tricky words
  • Sentence reading with 100% decodable text

It has simple graphics and activities, crisp sounds, funny rewards, helpful hints, and a well-organised teaching sequence, all in a young-child-friendly game format with an escape narrative…I can hardly think of anything that doesn’t look absolutely excellent about this app for its target audience.

Alison Clarke, Speech Pathologist, Spelfabet.

How Speech Pathologists Use Phonics Hero:

  • Use it within your therapy session; practise the principles in the ‘real’ world then reinforce and reward with Phonics Hero
  • Have parents keep the reinforcement up with games at home

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