Superhero School – Interactive Phonics Lessons

Superhero School’s click-and-go phonics lessons support teachers in every step of teaching the sounds and reading. Our interactive phonics lessons are jam-packed with 3,500 decodable words, 1,000 nonsense words and 1,000 decodable sentences alongside video, audio and picture support so you can take your phonics lesson from good to great!

We’ve got everything covered in our Superhero School lessons:

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Teaching the Sounds with Superhero School

You want your class to achieve letter-sound mastery, producing the sound as quickly as they can tell you their own name. Superhero School delivers every step of learning the sounds; from the introduction of the sounds and their representing letters to at-their-finger-tips mastery with our 5-step process.


Step 1 – Get it Right

Use videos to demonstrate the correct pronunciation of the 44 sounds of English.


Step 2 – Tune in

Talk about the sounds in the context of real words (for example: “Is the ‘sh’ of shed in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position? Let’s talk about where we normally find the ‘sh’ letters in a word.”).


Step 3 – Recognise

Identify the letter(s) associated with the sound.


Step 4 – Speed Read

Improve accuracy and the speed with which your class recall the sounds using fluency drills.


Step 5 – Play Phonics Hero Games

Practise the sounds with the Phonics Hero interactive games.

Teaching Blending with Superhero School

With a library of over 3,500 words and 1,000 sentences, you’ll never get stuck thinking of the best words for your lesson. Your phonics lesson is structured for you; we break the words into sounds and provide pictures to grow vocabulary and aid comprehension. Next, speed reading activities help your class become fluent readers who can then make the leap to sentences.


Step 1 – Blending

Your class practise blending single words with phonics and picture support.


Step 2 – Speed Read

Improve reading fluency with quick-fire reading practice.


Step 3 – Nonsense Word Reading

Practise decoding with non-words like ‘fep’ or ‘hup’.


Step 4 – Play Phonics Hero Games

More whole-class practise with the Phonics Hero interactive games.

Applying Learning with Sentences

Teachers can apply children’s learning by effortlessly switching to 1,000 word and picture supported sentences. In addition, our ‘word support’ guides your class if they get stuck on a particular word.

SS - sentence - word support Sentences with word support.

Differentiate Your Lesson at Every Step

Differentiation is at the heart of Superhero School: ensuring that all your class is engaged; challenging some and supporting others. With the click of a button, you can quickly switch between core and extension words and sentences. Download an overview of how we structure ‘Core’ and ‘Extend’ words.

SS - Read - Core Differentiation – example of a ‘Core Word’.

SS - Read - Extend Differentiation – example of an ‘Extension Word’.

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Please note, Superhero School is currently only available in our Playing with Sounds order of sounds. Letters and Sounds will be available in 2021.