Tech Trouble Shooting

We’ve recently updated the backend of Phonics Hero. If you are having difficulties the following information should help fix it.

Playing on the Website

Logging In/Clicking Buttons:

Follow these three steps:
  1. Ensure you are using the Chrome internet browser to go to our website – you can download it for free here.
  2. Your computer has a memory of the sites it’s visited in the past – its cache. You will need to clear it since the ‘beginning of time’. Follow the steps in this video to find out how:
  3. Restart your router – sometimes information gets clogged in your router too (who would have thought?!).

Games Cutting Off:

Are the letters or icons ‘outside’ of the screen? Like the image below:


To make sure you can see the whole game, please maximise your browser to fill your full screen:

  • Windows: F11
  • Mac: Command, Ctrl and F
You may need to refresh your page after doing this.

If that doesn’t help and the games are still cut off, zoom out to 80%:

  • Windows: Ctrl and –
  • Mac: Command and –
Again, refresh your page after doing this.

You can watch the steps in this video:

Playing on a Surface Laptop:

Customers using these computers are experiencing issues with using the games. Please use a mouse with the Surface.

Playing on an iPad

The old app no longer works, you will have to update it here.

If you are in a school, and have updated multiple iPads using Apple Configurator – it will not work. The software is very unstable and is not performing to Apple’s standard! You will need to update, one-by-one.

Playing on an Android Tablet

We work best on tablet screens 8″ and over, with good graphic processing power. For a list of compatible devices see here.

You will also need to update the app.

Still Having Problems?

Contact us here.