How to Use the Free Games

As a Whole Class Activity


A great way to kick off, complete or structure your lesson.

For reading:

Children collectively sound out the words and come to a consensus as to the correct answer.

For spelling:

Each child uses their mini-whiteboard to have go, before a lucky child is chosen to complete the Phonics Hero activity.

When children are more confident in blending the sounds I have them read the words quietly to themselves and put up one or two fingers to show me their answer.

Elizabeth Jennings, St. Augustin School, Australia

As a Reading Group Activity


Have a small group of children play the interactive whiteboard games. They will get very excited and fall over each other trying to have a turn, so print off some 1, 2, 3 number cards to create a queuing system. Place them on the floor and children sit in front of a number, moving to the back of the queue once they have had a go.

Learning Support

Learning Support

Phonics Hero doesn’t feel like ‘work’ so it’s great for those who are experiencing difficulties with learning to read. Many Learning Support Teachers use it to structure their teaching, with children completing the activity in the ‘real’ world and then again in the game.

I use it in learning support to reinforce the teaching I have done. I love how gradual it is, how it’s not too busy – it’s perfect for those children who need that extra help.

Laura Nelis, Knockmore Primary, UK

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