Give Your Child the Phonics Advantage!

Why smart parents & leading schools use Phonics Hero’s online games:

  • Kids just love it – they don’t even know they’re learning.
  • Covers everything from sounds, to reading, to spelling, to full sentences!
  • Uses the breakthrough, systematic phonics method; Synthetic Phonics. Did you know, children who are taught using this method are still ahead of their peers 7 years later?
  • The world’s largest phonics games resource (850 games systematically teach your child to read and spell!).

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What Will Phonics Hero Do for Your Child?

Beginning Reader:

  • Get your little reader ahead of the learning curve and keep them there
  • Studies show, by starting out with a systematic phonics approach, your child could still be ahead of the grade up to 7 years later
  • Let them have FUN while they learn, Phonics Hero uses structured gameplay for the fastest, most effective way to turn your child into a reading hero

Already Learning/Needs Some Help:

  • Children struggling with reading and spelling can catch up more quickly with Phonics Hero than any other program of its kind
  • Helps confident readers go from strength to strength
  • Some schools using Synthetic Phonics report improvements 8x the national average

Let us explain!

Ready To Give Your Child the Phonics Advantage?

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6 Critical Steps Towards Confident Reading and Spelling – Try Some Games:

step1Step 1 – Knowing the sounds
step 1 - learn the sounds with Phonics Hero

Your child learns a group of sounds and matches the sound with a letter.

step 2 - reading with Phonics HeroStep 2 – Reading words with these sounds

Your child learns to blend (or glue) these sounds together to read unknown words.

step 3- spelling with Phonics HeroStep 3 – Spelling words with these sounds

Next your child is taught to listen for the sounds in a word and to identify the letter associated with it – spelling!

step 4- reading tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 4 – Reading camera/sight words

Irregular, high frequency words, or camera/sight words, such as ‘the’ and ‘was’ are tricky to read but are essential because they occur so often in children’s books and writing.

step 5 - spelling tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 5 – Spell camera/sight words

Next, your child learns to spell these irregular, high frequency words so they can move onto writing sentences.

step6Step 6 – Sentence reading

We put all these skills together to read sentences and stories; growing your child’s confidence for a love of reading!

Hear What other Parents are Saying About Phonics Hero:

Rebecca Tomasis, Hong Kong
Phonics Hero has been a wonderful literacy resource for our daughter. She has struggled with her literacy since she started school, but she has responded so well to the interactive nature of Phonics Hero. It’s fun, engaging and on her iPad so she loves it.
Ian Hill, NSW, Australia
Phonics Hero has single handedly caught my 5-year old up to peers whom she was trailing!
Ilana Leeds, Australia
Phonics Hero has given my son the inspiration to learn to read more effectively and do it without realising that he is ‘learning’. He was a very poor reader with skills well below his year level. I have watched him go from being barely able to read to starting to make words and read sentences.
Nicola Perkins, Hong Kong
I have spent years trying to get my son interested in reading; bought numerous apps, books, resources and I can honestly say Phonics Hero is the only one he voluntarily plays and even chooses it over TV time! I am one very happy mum!  

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Give Your Child the Phonics Advantage!