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Children can apply their newly learned skills with over 200 free worksheets.

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Pre and post assessment resources to ensure children are on target.

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Why use Phonics Hero?

  • 26 levels covering: all 44 sounds, reading, spelling, tricky words and full sentences!
  • Uses a systematic, Synthetic Phonics approach; proven to be the most effective method to teach early reading and spelling.
  • Over 850 online phonics games – with HUGE variety!
  • Loved by children as a catch-up or reinforcement of whole class teaching.
  • Trusted by over 12,000 teachers with over 7 million games played so far.

Our Resources Come in Two Orders of Sounds:


Letters and Sounds:

s a t p i n m d


Playing with Sounds:

s m c t g p a o

Compare the two orders here

Try Our Synthetic Phonics Games:

step1Learn the sounds
step 1 - learn the sounds with Phonics Hero

Children learn the sounds and match them to a letter(s).

step 2 - reading with Phonics HeroReading single words

Using the group of learned sounds, children begin blending simple CVC words.

step 3- spelling with Phonics HeroSpelling single words

Next, children use the learned sounds to begin segmenting words to spell.

step 4- reading tricky words with Phonics HeroReading camera/tricky words

Practise reading these tricky, but essential, words.

step 5 - spelling tricky words with Phonics HeroSpell camera/tricky words

Next, children learn to spell these tricky words so they can move onto writing sentences.

step6Sentence reading

We put all these skills together to read sentences and stories!

Hear What Other Teachers Think:

Valerie Whitehead, Juan Seguin Elementary, United States

I’m so excited – in a matter of one month of Phonics Hero, my students’ reading levels have increased 1 reading level. The students are loving it and are making so many reading and writing connections.

Susan Craig, Rangeway Primary School, Australia

I have seen a huge improvement in my Kindy children’s letter recognition and the speed in which they are now able to locate and remember. Some are even starting to blend the CVC words. It is a fantastic program!

Hajir Alsalami, Al-Faisal College, Australia

It is making such a difference with my students, especially the ones who struggle with reading and phonemic awareness. I have seen so much improvement in class as a result of Phonics Hero.

Lorraine Ledwell, St Clare’s School, England

I have only been using the Child Accounts for 6 months but my group has averaged an improvement of 3 stages in that time. Normally it would take a year to progress just 2 stages.


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