Learning Overview

There are three parts to Phonics Hero; Basic, Advanced Code and Complete the Code. 26 step-by-step levels will systematically teach children how to read and spell with the 44 sounds of English plus tricky words.

Placement Test

On your first login to Phonics Hero, you will be given the option to start at the beginning (for new readers) or take our Placement Test.

Part 1 – Basic Code – Beginning Reader & Speller
Level Target Sounds Camera/Tricky Words Super Hero to Save
1 s m c t g p a o I, was, are, the, to, she Flight Hero
2 r l d b f h i u day, a, today, of, he, for X-Ray Hero
3 v w y z j n k e all, me, they, is, no, said Stretch Hero
4 ll ss ff zz you, this, my, play, come, have Speedy Hero
5 sh ch th wh like, says, going, do, what, give Strong Hero
6 ck ng qu x away, look, once, see, very, we Invisibility Hero

  • A great foundation: the first 29 of the 44 sounds.
  • Letters of the alphabet and the concept that a sound can be represented by more than one letter, for example: ‘sh’ or ‘ch’.
  • Read and spell over 350 words.
  • Read over 150 sentences.
  • 36 camera/tricky words, which are so essential to get children reading and writing passages of text.
Part 2 – Advanced Code – Emerging Reader & Speller
Level Target Sounds and Spelling Choices Camera/Tricky Words Baddy to Capture
7 Words with a more complicated pattern VCC (Vowel, Consonant, Consonant) CCVC and CVCC words one, some, want, many, love, has Lasergirl
8 ee ea y e people, live, brother, sister, house, where Ice Pirate
9 i igh y ie i_e her, out, there, about, his, down Stomper
10 o oa ow o_e because, two, another, more, here, our Screamer
11 a ai ay a_e friend, their, were, your, could, four Firewoman
12 oo ew ue u_e half, first, good, girl, saw, would Electroboy

  • Watch spelling rocket with Part 2, using the 5 critical vowel digraphs and all the ways that these can be spelled.
  • 248 fun, lively, unique games.
  • Read and spell over 250 new words.
  • Read over 150 new sentences.
  • 36 new camera/tricky words.
Part 3 – Complete the Code – Advancing Reader & Speller
Level Target Sounds and Spelling Choices
13 r rr wr
14 oi oy
15 ph f ff
16 ow ou
17 c ce s se ss
18 u oo oul
19 ar a
20 ir er ear ur or
21 or ou ow ol ore
22 air ear are ere
23 j dge ge g
24 ch tch tu
25 sh ci ti
26 s si
  • Part 3 covers the last remaining sounds needed to complete the code.
  • 324 fun, lively, new unique games.
  • Read and spell over 456 new words.
  • Read over 376 new sentences.

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