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Our phonics app is different; it’s not a bit of this, a bit of that, it’s a step-by-step program that takes a child through every sound in the English language. We don’t stop there – children then use these sounds to read and spell words, they learn tricky words and finally combine these learned skills to conquer sentences.

But to a 4 year old what makes our phonics app different? Your child sets off on an adventure to rescue our superhero friends and ultimately defeat Dr. Lazy Bones. To unlock the heroes, children will be defeating dragons, hunting diamonds, hitching a ride with a kangaroo and so much more! All while learning to read and spell!

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I have spent years trying to get my son interested in reading, bought numerous phonics apps, books, resources and I can honestly say Phonics Hero is the only one he voluntarily plays and even chooses it over TV time! I am one very happy mum!

Nicola Perkins

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