Teacher’s Admin Tools

if you use our premium add-on of Child Accounts you will be able to manage your class, view comprehensive live reporting on all student progress and set schedules for homework or to pace children’s progress.

From your Teacher Account you can:

1) Administer and manage your accounts:

Assign all your Child Accounts to their class and teacher. By assigning the class teacher, they will have complete control of their student’s accounts:

  • Setting whole class or individual student start levels. Teachers can use the placement test to assign students to the correct level. Alternatively, set your whole classes/teaching group to chosen levels to reinforce whole class teaching.
  • Resetting accounts, to wipe a previous student’s info.
  • Personalising accounts, changing passwords or adding in names.
  • Manage your accounts, add new teacher and student accounts.

2) Set homework:

Stop children zooming ahead by setting maximum levels to reach within set dates (a schedule). You might like to use these as homework goals.

See the scheduling tool in action:

3) Report on progress

Incorporate Phonics Hero into your assessment; see how each child, or your whole class is progressing with live reports.

  • Download reports for offline discussions
  • Look at averages per class and compare

See the reports in action: