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Phonics Hero is available in two orders of sounds; Letters & Sounds and Playing with Sounds. When first logging into Phonics Hero you will be able to choose the order of sounds to suit your classroom.

If you are unsure which to use, we recommend choosing ‘Playing with Sounds’.

Part 1
Level Letters and Sounds Playing with Sounds
Use alongside:
  • Letters and Sounds
  • Phonics Bug
  • Floppy Phonics

  • Download a PDF of the order.
  • Get Reading Right

  • Download a PDF of the order.
    1 Phase 2:
    A) s, a, t, p
    B) i, n, m, d
    s, m, c, t, g, p, a, o
    2 A) g, o, c, k
    B) ck, e, u, r
    r, l, d, b, f, h, i, u
    3 A) h, b, f, l
    B) ff, ll, ss
    v, w, y, z, j, n, k, e
    4 Phase 3:
    A) j, v, w, x
    B) y, z, zz, qu
    ll, ss, ff, zz
    5 B) ch, sh, th, ng
    B) ai, ee, igh, oa
    sh, ch, th, wh
    6 A) oo (zoo), oo (book), ar, or
    B) ur, ow, oi, ear
    C) air, ure, er
    ck, ng, qu, x
    Part 2
    Level Letters and Sounds Playing with Sounds
    7 Phase 4:
    A) CVCC, CCVC words
    B) Polysyllabic words
    VCC, CCVC, CVCC words
    8 Phase 5: New Graphemes for Reading:
    A) ay, ou, ie, ea
    B) oy, ir, ue, aw
    C) wh, ph, ew, oe, au
    D) a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e
    ee, ea, y, e
    9 Phase 5: Alternative Pronunciations:
    A) i (fin vs find), o (hot vs cold),
    c (cat vs cent), g (got vs giant)

    B) u (but vs put), ow (cow vs blow),
    ie (tie vs field), ea (eat vs bread)

    C) er (farmer vs her), a (hat vs what),
    y (yes vs by vs very), ch (chin vs school),
    ou (out vs shoulder vs could vs you)
    i, igh, y, ie, i_e
    10 Phase 5: Alternative Spellings:
    A) ch, tu, tch
    B) f, ff, ph
    o, oa, ow, o_e
    11 A) j, dge, ge, g
    B) r, rr, wr
    a, ai, ay, a_e
    12 s, c, ce, ss, se oo, ew, ue, u_e
    Part 3
    Level Letters and Sounds Playing with Sounds
    13 sh, ci, ti r, rr, wr
    14 ai, a, ay, a_e oi, oy
    15 ee, ea, y, e ph, f, ff
    16 igh, i, y, ie, i_e ow, ou
    17 oa, o, ow, o_e c, ce, s, se, ss
    18 oo, ew, ue, u_e u, oo, oul
    19 u, oo, oul ar, a
    20 ar, a ir, er, ear, ur, or
    21 or, au, aw, al, ore or, au, aw, al, ore
    22 or, ir, er, ear, ur air, ear, are, ere
    23 ow, ou j, dge, ge, g
    24 oi, oy ch, tch, tu
    25 air, ear, are, ere sh, ci, ti
    26 s, si (zh) s, si (zh)

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