Phonics Hero Subscription

Phonics Hero works on a six month recurring subscription*. Included are:

  • Unlimited access to over 850 games, or 3 years of content, which takes your child step by step through the Synthetic Phonics code.
  • Parent reporting on every skill and sub-skill your child is practising.
  • Video tutorials and tips from our synthetic phonics experts.
  • Access to the content on a computer or iPad/Android tablet app.
* Your account will automatically renew every 6 months until you cancel.

Our Prices

4 $49.99

2 $36

1 £29.99

3 $300

Family Subscription

Add a second or third child and receive 50% off their subscription. After purchasing your first child, contact to activate the discounted offer.

How to Pay

Login through our website and follow the steps in the video below:

School Pricing

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